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„You have a few seconds to make a good first impression.” „What you publish on the Internet will hunt you.” „You never have a second chance to make the first impression.”

There are sentences, quotes or texts about how to nail the first impression, advice on how to work on the perception of ours. Once we learned etiquette and good manners – today we are mastering the topic of the personal brand in the social media context.

A brand is – by definition – a name, design or symbol that distinguishes an organization or product from others. The key to success is to convert these elements to the awareness and trust, perception and reputation. Building a personal brand is the ability to differentiate individuals by consistently articulating and leveraging their unique value proposition.

We are probably not going to stay in one company forever, the group of our friends can change, but our „personal branding” will always be with us. Dear readers, try to determine then, what you would like to be associated with, what are the keywords that should come to mind after hearing your name. It may be a skill or a hobby: sailing, board games, music, or a feature: diligence, creativity, self-control. If it is a set of these elements, great! After defining them, start building your personal brand!

Regardless of whether you are part of a large organization or a freelancer your „personal brand” is part of a larger „employer brand” or its synonym.

I will talk about the details in subsequent posts, but I would like to inspire you to think about things like: photos on Facebook (private website or on FanPage), Instagram, descriptions in social media, your LinkedIn profile, profiles on GoldenLine, maybe on Viadeo, Xing, etc. Consider at this stage whether the information about you is consistent and whether it reflects what you would like to be recognized for.

A well-thought-out personal branding strategy will allow you to:


  • Expand your network and establish new friendships that will want to exchange knowledge with you, understand how you can help each other on the level of eg expert, business. „Networking is all about karma, help others and they will help you.”
  • Attract new opportunities – because after taking care of your contacts online, your visibility will increase, and therefore there is a greater chance to recommend, find people to cooperate with, exchange experiences. A strong personal brand is already a sign of success, and this is what attracts the majority of people.
  • Increase your credibility as a brand. If you consistently stick to the assumptions and present yourself in a coherent, honest way, the trust you can get will be the best advertisement. Good news is fast, use it!
  • By building your personal brand, you will notice that the group of people who feel inspired by your activity is growing, and this is put in a position of an influencer. You can use your clout to business as long as you do it in an honest and authentic way.
  • A brand that attracts will always make you busy! You and your skills or traits that you represent will be always in demand! 

Your name, the way you are and present yourself is your greatest asset and it will stay with you forever. Converting them it into a personal brand that others will recognize and appreciate would be your best strategy and will surely help you in a long-term success in business.

Saying that I hope that this text will inspire you. Further instructions soon!



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