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Hi, I am Doris! I am passionate about technology, social media, sailing and… CVs.

I’ve created my first CV when I was about 15 y.o. then I was always willing to update it, upgrade it, put new schools, skills, experiences. I am an extrovert and this was a great professional tool to make use of this quality of mine. ;)

About 10 years later I finally started to work in the recruitment industry and had a great chance to look for candidates for a couple of biggest brands through the company that hired me. I was constantly pushed to find new sources, to make things differently than usual and to dig deeper. I was motivated to be curious and interested.

Today, with the experience I have I am helping people to manage their professional profiles on LinkedIn or Goldenline, I enjoy guiding others through their CV creation. I share my knowledge on personal branding and employer branding. I build training materials and lead pieces of training on various topics around recruitment and branding. Social media are my playground, I post, test, try, find new apps and automation. I lead 4 Instagram profiles, 2 fan pages and 1 LinkedIn page, I currently build 2 channels more.

So, how can I help you?

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