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It’s exactly half of the summertime. You are probably on an annual leave, before it or after. You’ve probably taken a lot of photos already: with a friend, with beer, with a cat, uncountable amount of selfies. Do not use them as a picture on a CV of yours. Or LinkedIn ones. Not the best idea.

A picture on a CV or LinkedIn should arouse sympathy and associate with our professionalism. LinkedIn’s currency is credibility, and our brain works in such a way that it reacts with suspicions to the lack of information (picture) – why that person doesn’t want to associate their picture with what is written in her profile?

A recruiter or future client should not be guided by the appearance but like every human being, he makes a decision under the influence of emotions.  A resume with a photo is just more sympathetic. A photo on LinkedIn allows you to look „in the eye” of the potential candidate. It’s better to talk to someone „live” than on the phone, right? The picture is the first touch base.

Moreover, in the case of a meeting in real life, it will be easier to associate a candidate/client in a real conversation with his CV. It’s not a blind date any more.

In addition to that, if you are looking for a job, showing yourself shouldn’t be an issue for you. Think about the type of picture you use though. Very serious position – a photo in a similar tone would be the most recommended one. Something more creative – play with colours.

Apparently, the LinkedIn profile containing the photo has 11x more views than the one without.

So, does your CV have to be a photo? Yes!


The picture on a CV/ photo on LinkedIn:

Like a razor!

Photography should be clear. Now, even Instagram, there is a filter called „Focus” and you can play with it. The photo shouldn’t be blurred. Make it as sharp as possible. The reference to Instagram does not mean that it should be a selfie.

LinkedIn picture

Kind of blurry.

Smile, please.

Yes! A smile should be there. It can be half a bite, it can be wider – it depends again on the nature of your work and the industry. I am not sure if I can imagine a banker, financier or bailiff in a full smile. But it’s better to overdo it in the width of a smile than in a dose of seriousness.

LinkedIn pic

Smiling to each other can not be a solution…

Colourful fairs.

Rather use the pics in colour. Black and white photography is associated with artistic or funeral photography. Do not do it.

LinkedIn picture

Such a beautiful pic – black&white

Size does matter.

There are no agreed requirements for the photo, but I suggest targeting a 3.5x4cm vertical rectangle. When I was recruiting African markets, the CVs had eleven pages, and the first of them, a photo for half A4 – is not a European practice. :)

Usually, we put a picture of a bust there, so you have to do it in such a way that it will fit nicely.

Picture on LinkedIn

Surely someone into hiking! +6 points for liaising to his hobby, -7 for not showing his face :)

What about judging a book by its cover?

It certainly depends on the nature of the work. The shirt is probably the most suitable and the most versatile one. For both women and men. It would be good if the clothes were not dappled enough to divert attention from the model itself.

Tips mainly for women: 1. A strapless shirt will make you look completely naked. 2. Although the wedding is definitely the day when you look the most beautiful: makeup, dress, atmosphere – it is not the best idea to use the picture from that day.

LinkedIn picture

Dear braids – LinkedIn is not a place for this photo gallery.

Hairy issue.

It depends on the position you aim for. The picture should look neat, so whether a ponytail or a storm of curls – this is our personality. Wedding hairstyles – as above. Beard – may you be recognized. You can brush it nicely.

The second pair of eyes.

It depends on how you feel about it, you can have a photo with or without glasses. Just pay attention to not to have a big blast of light because of your glasses. Sunglasses? No. Even you look very, very cool.

LinkedIn picture

He looks cool. But not so professional, I would say.


The brightest background will be the safest one – a document that usually remains bright is better suited. However, I have a tendency to keep nature and water in the background. Not to be suspected of being hypocritical: yes, many times I had pictures of the forest or lake in the background. It’s my choice.

LinkedIn picture

A man with his trophy!

There is a tool for this:

Photofeeler – a page that enables you to check your picture from business, social or… dating perspective! Check this out!


Long story short, either it’s a picture on a CV or the one used on LinkedIn it all depends on your intuition.

Personally, I do not necessarily want to be associated with an image in a white full buttoned shirt. It’s just not me. I prefer to have contact with someone for whom my yellow sweater does not matter. :)


Do you have any comments on this? Or any funny experience?



Photo: Błażej Marciniak

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