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„Get to know each other. Ravi is a recruitment specialist, Kate works in HR.” „Eva started her new business recently.” „Tom was an organizer of a digital nomadism conference.” „Talk, check how you can help yourself.” „Hello, I’m …”

And that’s how networking, cooperation, acquaintance, and adventure begin. From handshake, joke, non-accidental exchange of business cards!


The personal brand you build online or in our curriculum vitae will not be worth much if it is not consistent with the impression you can make at live meetings. It can of course help or harm, but I keep my fingers crossed for the first option. ;)

For the first time, I started thinking about my personal branding as a recruiter. The one who uses non-standard tools to find candidates, then quickly determined the key words with which I would like to be associated. Suddenly my FB friends began to send me the links to relevant events, job offers they found interesting for me, articles I should have a look at. On LinkedIn, I received recommendations for topics that interest me. After all, enough people knew that I’m a social media geek, improviser, and sailor :) – and that’s what it was all about. The information started to come to me instead of me chasing for information.

Why would you need it?

Networking opens many doors. It drives situations when you know someone who knows someone and, therefore, facilitates mutual help! It helps in private life and business. It works like a system of recommendations and connections.

On my own social media liaised example: My first support in crowdfunding project on Polak Potrafi for the first Comedy Club in Warsaw was a result of my passion and interest in improv at the time. Because of my connections and recognized enthusiasm, I became a project manager for another crowdfunding action: Nandu (also for Polak Potrafi). Later I received a request to become a project coordinator and social media support for Broken Ball!

I wasn’t looking for those opportunities. They found me.

How to do it?

When building your brand, do not hesitate to speak out loud about what excites you, share articles, content that interests you, which you would like to be associated with, and infect with what may be attractive to others. On Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn you can follow thematic # and find out more and more in your domain. I also recommend observing the profiles of those who inspire you, they also provide links that will allow you to develop your knowledge. Check what they do to be associated with the feature they value.

But! Above all, get involved, participate, meet people. Exchange handshakes, talk. Networking is an action!

Prepare your „elevator pitch” – learn how to best present your offer (business, brand, idea, yourself) in a very short time – about 20 seconds, which is the average time for the lift to go from the ground floor to the top floor. Try to treat this moment as a trailer for a longer conversation.

Where to go and where to find networking events?

You can find events on almost every topic on Facebook (I share quite a lot of information), Meet-up, on Couchsurfing, in the Going application, in thematic pubs (Warsaw: Południk Zero, Tam i z powrotem) etc.

In the scope of #socialmedia, we will meet at regular events, eg. Social Media Thursdays (FB / Poland), Wednesday Blog Day (FB)

Facebook also facilitates the research for such meeting by responding to our search with sponsored advertising – this is how I found out about a fairly inexpensive conference Tam, gdzie chcę (There, where I want to) focusing on work independent of the place (digital nomadism).

I recommend you such meetings and activities. Meeting people is a value in itself, sharing with them, hobbies, passions, common themes is an indelible adventure.

A few photos from the networker’s diary ;)

networking meeting "Tam, gdzie chcę"

Tam, gdzie chcę #afterhours


Broken Ball, Iława 2018

Broken Ball 2018, Iława


Second #LinkdeInLocal meet-up in Warsaw

Second #LinkdeInLocal meet-up in Warsaw


Webski HR meet-up

Webski HR


The picture above is the one taken when Nandu was realising their music clip. Just to say that networking can put you in many nice, unusual circumstances :) Also, I am sharing the link because I am very proud of them. Always.

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