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„Is this worth creating a LinkedIn profile?” „Who reads it? Isn’t CV enough?” „Oh, they will find my blog / page?” „I am not looking for job / clients right now”


I say: yes! It is worth creating a LinkedIn profile although it all depends on you as to how maximum value you can gain from it! And this post isn’t sponsored by this platform. ;)

LinkedIn has a monopoly when it comes to professional social media platform and although there are many local ones (GoldenLine, Viadeo, Xing) – this is the one which is the most popular. It has over 500 million users (Facebook 2,19 billion just so that you knew).


Why create a LinkedIn profile?

For people looking for their first job, change the one they have, for those working in a corporate environment a LinkedIn profile is crucial today. This is because many companies mine LinkedIn looking for people to hire. Instead of advertising a job offer and then reading hundreds if CVs sent by applicants recruiters search LinkedIn for the people with the right qualities and offer them a job. And this is why the right keywords on your profile are so important!

It becomes your worldwide resume or virtual business card.

LinkedIn is also useful for consultants and freelancers. It functions just as an offer page. It helps to connect me with potential clients, facilitates following and observing partners and competition. ;) At the same time, it gives much more visibility in the communities. You can easily network, potentially joining groups, looking for others with similar expertise or offer yours to others.

LinkedIn is also extraordinarily useful for your personal branding, so an online reputation. LinkedIn pages are very high indexed in Google: a professional who we can not find on LinkedIn is suspicious. :) Perhaps you are an introvert, but recruiter could assume that you have poor computer skills or that your business acumen is not developed enough to know that having a LinkedIn profile has become the norm in the world of business and it looks odd to not have a profile.


LinkedIn Local

Networking Meeting #LinkedInLocal in Warsaw

Who should create a LinkedIn profile?

Call me crazy but I would say everyone who is open for… life opportunities! The number of times I was approached with not 100% relevant but great offers! It wasn’t the time but I was happy to check them out, listen to them! Visual arts? What’s the issue with attaching your portfolio or links? None! Are you a nurse? Maybe one day it would be interesting for you to move to a commercial role? The recruiter needs to find you and it would be hard to spot you. Are you a vet? Of course, there are job boards around this kind of opportunities but give yourself a chance and make yourself searchable.


When to create a LinkedIn profile?

ASAP. Earlier you do this better for you. This is a tool you can definitely use to grow your network. Don’t just add random people to your connections. First add those who you met in real life then add those within the same area of expertise, those who can inspire you, you would like to meet or for example, they can recommend you. It takes time to create a network that can help you so better start now.


All information regarding how to create a profile you will find in my others posts but if this text can convince you to create a LinkedIn profile – start now! The platform will guide you. Contact me directly if you need any additional tips or motivation.



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